Aminu Muhammad

The Relationship between Humans and Computers are more Numerous than Difference.


Aminu the CEO/MD of bellokano, is an experienced organiser with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is a skilled strategic planner, lover, public speaker, technolgy advocate, video games freak. He is strong community and social services professional, went to Informatics Academy.


Aminu, was born in the mid 90's. The 5th born of Alh. Muhammad Goni (Turakin Ribadu). Being the 5th born son with plenty of brothers and sisters makes him create unique relationship with his family and learn many things like falling in love with technolgy.


Aminu started his primary school 2002 and graduated 2008 where he joined secondary, graduated 2014 and joined Informatics, didn't graduated dropped out to pursue his dreams and perfect his career in technology.

Tech Life

Aminu's career in Tech started when he build his first Robot in 2009 from scrapped DVD Player components. He started creating some cracked software like 2go and altering some mobile operating system codes to create his own unique mobile operating system. Aminu started writing codes (programming) in 2015 and continues till date. He had been advocating tech, attending and speaking in Tech Conferences since 2015

Love Life

When it comes to love, Aminu is an exceptional romantic lover. Aminu's life changed since the time he met his true love in Kano, a true believer romantically exceptional and intelligent lady, which he chose to spend the rest of his life with.

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